Standard 41 is just six generations and a few years old. It all started in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with Raible father and sons working as furniture makers, cabinetmakers, instrument makers and, legend would have it, chicken thieves.

In a fit of independence, Andrew Raible, the sixth generation, explored advertising, graphic design and other respectable jobs before going back to grad school (Pratt Institute) to study furniture and Industrial design. He was back to the inevitable wood shop.

After several successful partnerships and collaborations (Refinery Furniture, 3 Square Design) Andrew started Standard 41 to create a line of furniture that tends towards "green" reinterpretations of mid-century Scandinavian and American designs - with a sculptural twist. His minimal furniture's clarity and restraint often belie its practicality and usefulness. And over time, a seemingly austere table, chair or credenza reveals a hidden sense of fun.

John Raible, the father and architect, with his modernist ideals, made one-off furniture pieces for forty years. John looked at furniture design and making as a puzzle to be solved; a solitary exploration in response to his architectural projects. His often organic table tops, paired with a geometric base, are as much sculpture as they are furniture. Son and father inevitably found themselves collaborating in Andrew's workshop in Red Hook, Brooklyn. more...